an interactive installation


The laws that govern planetary rotation are consistent with the laws of physics that have defined our technology and shaped our lives.

Despite living in a world dominated by innovation that is literally sprung from the heavens, we often fail to stop to reflect and form our own relationship with the celestial bodies that swirl across our galaxy.

The MVEMJSUN installation seeks to close that gap by presenting a novel interpretation of our solar system. We on the MVEMJSUN team have developed an interactive digital experience intended to transform a static space into a dynamic environment that is textured with layers of information and ambience.


The installation consists of a display surface and a hidden sensor. Passing visitors will be affected by the ambient environment generated simply by their movement through the space. If a visitor chooses to stop and interact with the installation, they will find themselves rewarded by an even richer experience--The celestial bodies on the screen are manipulated by the movement of the visitor's body.


As the installation has passive and active elements, the project would be best served by a space that is trafficked, such as a wide hallway or connecting room. As the project is further developed towards completion, it will be designed in union with the space in order to create a customized interactive experience.

Our Team.

Within the Interactive Arts & Media department at Columbia College Chicago there is a division of study known as Interaction Design. Designers in this discipline concern themselves with the invisible magic that facilitates human beings’ understanding of the world around them.